The premier Living: 1, 2, 3 BHK at Hiranandani Fortune City

Hiranandani Fortune City Panvel, an elegant residential community that is hidden away in the beautiful embrace of nature, welcomes you. Our stunning private area, which occupies an enormous 11.11-acre land parcel, provides an unmatched lifestyle that combines modern amenities with the peace and quiet of the surrounding environment.

As you wake up, the surrounding forests, flowing rivers, and rising hills present an incredibly beautiful scene that serves as the backdrop for your daily existence.

Amenities for Enjoying Joy and Relaxation

Garden Area

Relax in the peaceful setting of our beautifully designed garden space. Along with our range of living spaces, from 1 BHK in Panvel to expansive 3 BHK flats, it is perfect for individuals seeking peace and quiet.


Explore the magical world of movies in the comfort of your neighborhood. An amazing entertainment experience is planned in our modern theater.

Banquet Hall

Enjoy the special moments in life with elegance. From lavish parties to modest get-togethers, our exquisite banquet space can accommodate them all.

Swimming Pool

Enjoy luxury in our large pool. Our pool area is designed to make you feel at home and content, regardless of whether you’re looking for a quick swim or a lengthy dip.

Kids Play Area

Enjoy your kids’ talents in our entertaining and secure kids play area. It’s a haven for kids to explore and have fun, created with safety and creativity in mind.

Indoor Games

From table tennis to chess, our indoor games facilities cater to those searching for a bit of friendly competition or a relaxed afternoon of leisure.

Explore our selection of properties, which includes a 1 BHK in Panvel near the station, a 2 BHK  with a balcony, and a spacious 3 BHK flat. Find the ideal property that fits your way of life.

With a commitment to luxurious living and a connection to nature, Hiranandani Fortune City Panvel is the ideal destination for those seeking 1 ,2,3 BHK in Panvel or larger residences with modern amenities. Welcome to a community where the beauty of the surroundings meets the convenience of contemporary living.

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