Explore Luxurious Living in 3,4 BHK Flat In Thane with Superior Amenities

Welcome to Lodha Stella Thane, a place where style and luxury meet! Our lovingly constructed home paradise provides a wide range of top-notch amenities designed to address all aspects of your wellbeing. Enter an extraordinary world of luxury and comfort.


Enjoy the heights of luxury in our new clubhouse. Enter the lap of luxury, where comfort and modern design meet. The social center of Lodha Stella is our clubhouse, which has excellent facilities and elegant decor. Relax in the luxurious lounges or organize special events in the flexible event venues.

Indoor Games

Enjoy the pleasure of playing games inside your own sanctuary. You may play chess, table tennis, and badminton in the comfort of your own home with our well constructed 3, 4 BHK flats and 5 BHK penthouses in Thane, which provide recreational spaces.


In our filled playgrounds, develop a desire to explore. Observe your kids as they explore the lively and secure play areas, enjoying the joy of play. We promise to always keep the playground a safe and enjoyable place where people may enjoy themself and make lasting memories.


Feel spiritual comfort in Lodha Stella’s premises. If you’re looking for a luxurious 5 BHK penthouse or an affordable 3 BHK flat, all of our homes come with a beautifully built temple. Now, homeowners can create a peaceful sanctuary inside their own homes, which can encourage peace of mind.

Outdoor Games Court

At our outdoor games court, embrace an active lifestyle. Our outdoor court offers the ideal setting for friendly matches and exercise activities, no matter your passion: badminton, basketball, or tennis. Play energetic sports outside under the open sky while taking in the fresh air.


Lodha Stella is surrounded by lush, elegantly planned gardens, which provide a beautiful natural refuge. Take leisurely walks on the perfectly managed lawns, breathe the sweet aroma of blossoming flowers, and enjoy peaceful moments in the middle of nature. The grounds provide the ideal setting for unwinding and enjoying nature.

Explore More

Choose the living area that best meets your needs at Lodha Stella, whether it’s a cozy 3 BHK apartment, a luxurious 5 BHK penthouse, an elegant 4 BHK flat in Thane, Upgrade your way of life in an area where every little thing is planned to make every day memorable. Greetings from a world of elegant living.

Contact us  now to schedule an arranged visit to discover more about the amazing lifestyle that awaits you at Lodha Stella Thane. Our committed staff is available to answer your questions and help you through the process of moving into this amazing property.

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