Price Plan

Type Carpet Area Pricing
2 BHK (Opel / Pearl / Sapphire Tower)
876 / 883 & 929 / 876 Sq.Ft
3 BHK (Opel / Emerald / Pearl / Sapphire Tower)
1138 / 1520 / 1137 / 1137 Sq.Ft
4 BHK (Emerald Tower)
1187 Sq.Ft

Affordable and Luxurious Price Plans at Shreeji Divine Kharghar!

We at Shreeji Divine Kharghar think that we should give you a lifestyle as much as a place to live. Our finely constructed homes are made to offer elegance, comfort, and peace of mind. We provide flexible, cost-effective price plans that can be customized to meet your needs, so you can finally own the house of your dreams

Enjoy the bliss of living in the clouds with stunning panoramic views from this 50+storey marvel.We at Shreeji Divine invite you to select the perfect home from our wide variety of towers, each providing a distinct living environment suited to your preferences. Experience the ideal fusion of affordability, style, and an abundance of amenities that improve your daily life.


Flexible Payment Plans

 We are aware of your financial requirements. Take advantage of our flexible payment plans to simplify the process of becoming a property owner. To discover more about the prices of 2–3 BHK flats in Kharghar, follow this link. Get luxurious 3-4 BHK in Kharghar at prices that fit your budget.

Special Discounts

Take benefit from limited-time deals and special launch saving. Contact with our sales staff to find out about recent offers.

Easy Home Loan Assistance

Our team of professionals will help you obtain the best options for a property loan, which may simplify the buying procedure.

Transparent Pricing

No hidden costs or surprises. Our transparent pricing ensures you know exactly what you are investing in.

Schedule a Site Visit

We invite you to experience Shreeji Divine Kharghar firsthand. Schedule a site visit today to explore the beauty, comfort, and elegance that awaits you.

Don’t miss out the chance of living in Shreeji Divine Kharghar. For more information and to talk about the pricing plan that best fits your needs,  contact our sales team.Your dream home is just a step away!

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