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The Elegance of Arihant Aalishan 2 BHK in Kharghar

Nestled away in the city's growing suburb of Kharghar, Arihant Aalishan is a magnificent representation of luxury and modern living. This residential safety redefines what a house is with its modern design, first-rate amenities, and ideal location. Come along as we discuss the key aspects of Arihant Aalishan Kharghar which make it a desirable address for people looking for a more premium...

Arihant Aalishan: Revealing Luxury Living in the Heart of Navi Mumbai

Nestled away in the beautiful areas of Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, Arihant Aalishan is a shining example of luxurious living. Arihant Aalishan masterwork of a home space combines comfort, modern style, and enhancement. A Glimpse into Arihant Aalishan Arihant Aalishan is a lifestyle statement rather than just a housing development. With an impressive architectural layout, the project...

godrej highland panvel

Consider godrej highland panvel best class new project!

Below are a few potential highlights that you should know about¬†Godrej Highland residential project in Panvel.¬† Excellent Location:  Panvel is strategically located on the outskirts of Mumbai, which offers a balance between urban convenience and a serene environment. It may provide easy access to major highways, transportation hubs, and commercial areas. Developer Reputation about...

how to calculate stamp duty rates in india

How to calculate stamp duty charges in India?

In India, stamp duty charges are levied on various transactions, including property purchases, lease agreements, and certain financial instruments. The calculation of stamp duty charges may vary slightly across different states and union territories within India. Here is a general guide on how to calculate stamp duty charges in India: Identify the transaction:  Determine the type of transaction...

stamp duty rates in mumbai pune, thane

What are the stamp duty rates in Mumbai, Thane, and Pune?

The stamp duty rates in Mumbai, Thane & Pune in India were as follows: Residential Properties: For men: 6% of the property value For women: 5% of the property value For joint owners (husband and wife): 4% of the property value Non-Residential Properties: Commercial properties:  5% of the property value Industrial properties:  5% of the property...

check before buying flats in majiwada

What to Check before Buying Flats in Majiwada Thane?

When buying a flat in Majiwada Thane, there are several important factors to consider. Here are the few key things to check before making transaction: Location: Evaluate the location of the flat in terms of proximity to essential amenities like schools, hospitals, markets, transportation hubs, and recreational facilities. Consider the distance to your workplace and the overall convenience of the...

choose property that pays rental income

How to choose the best home that pays you back as rental income?

Choosing a home that can generate rental income is a smart investment strategy, but it requires careful consideration and research. Here are some steps you can take to select a home that will generate rental income: Research the local rental market:  Before buying a home, research the local rental market to determine the demand for rental properties in the area, the typical rental rates, and the...

buying vs renting which is good

Buying vs. renting a home. Which one is good?

Buying a house for the first time is the biggest challenge for monthly salaried professionals. The final decision on home finance should be taken more cautiously because a single wrong step can put you into huge debt. Consider the steps before buying vs renting a home: Returns on investment:  Return on investment is considered if there is an investment into the real estate market or the amount...

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