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3 Most important checks you follow while registering under-construction property

factors to check about under construction property

There should be a crucial check on availing home loans for under-construction property. Somewhere banks are offering registration for under-construction property to get a housing loan. But if you are investing in under-construction property then it must be registered under subvention schemes and the bank has full discretion over it. Registering an under-construction property may be beneficial or might not. Moreover availing home loan consumers have no choice they have to follow the bank what they say and direct. But won’t move blindly be clear with your doubts with the banks if you are uncomfortable in registering under-construction property. 

Let us know the few vital points that help in saving your finances while investing in an under-construction property. 

  1. Construction agreement value:

At the point of getting a home loan, a buyer must be insuring that (construction agreement value) must be verified with the home loan provider. This is required because some of the banks don’t consider it to calculate home eligibility checks. Although it differs from one case to another it is a kind of possibility and that should be ruled out. If it is delayed in understanding then as a buyer you are stuck. And that costs you to arrange additional funds later that will be equivalent to construction agreement value.

  • Home loan Eligibility and approval:

Avoid registering under construction property before home loan approval. There are cases found in the cities where the buyer did registration in under-construction property from his own but later the home loan was disapproved after registration. Bank insists their customers invest in under-construction property and register the property before home loan approval. Restrict yourself from falling into such a kind of registration and investing trap. In the first attempt if the home loan is rejected then there is no chance to get a home loan from other banks. 

  • Always prefer residential projects that are close to complete:

The pre-launch residential project will be risky. But smartly and openly it is handled then there is no risk. Preferring a project that is near completion is risk-free. But if there is a good offer at prelaunch residential project then don’t limit yourself to digging market reputation, goodwill, trust, and previously completed projects of the real estate builder and developer.


Hope you are confident enough to register an under-construction property. The above points will help you most. Book your best home from a trusted real estate developer. Register an under-construction property today at the best offer price; Get an approved home loan from reputed banks. Feel free to call  +91 9004179089 and get complete details about the running offer. Or fill up your requirement via web form. We will shortlist best property for you from nearby area.

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