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Why Gudi Padwa is termed a crucial fest for real estate investment?

Why Gudi Padwa is termed a crucial fest for real estate investment?

Gudi Padwa it’s the festival of the new year beginning & at the time of this special occasion you can take special advantage of running offers on real estate investment.

Gudi Padwa is a festival celebrated by people in the Indian state of Maharashtra to mark the beginning of the New Year according to the Hindu calendar. It usually falls in the month of March or April and is considered a very auspicious day.  Gudi Padwa known as Maharashtrian New year holds great culture and traditional strength in Maharashtra. People perform puja wearing traditional dresses, making rangolis & preparing home sweets.

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Understand the major reason behind increase in real estate booking during Gudi Padwa Festival

  • One of the reasons why Gudi Padwa is considered a crucial festival for real estate investment is because it is believed that any new investment made on this day will bring good fortune and prosperity to the investor. Many people in Maharashtra choose to buy property or make other investments on this day. Many of us consider it as an auspicious time of bigger investment. 
  • Another reason why Gudi Padwa is significant for real estate investment is that it coincides with the beginning of the financial year in India. This means that many people may have just received their annual bonuses or salary increments and may be looking to invest their money in something that will give them good returns. Real estate is considered a relatively stable and safe investment option, and many people may choose to invest in property on this day.
  • Additionally, developers and builders often offer attractive discounts, payment plans, or other incentives to attract buyers during this festive season. This can make it an excellent time for investors to make a purchase and get a good deal.

Major Points That Make Gudi Padwa the Most Auspicious Day: There are a few major points that make Gudi Padwa most auspicious for Investing

  1. Convenient marketing condition
  2. Great time for property registration
  3. Lucrative discounts and offers
  4. The extensive demand for properties

What are the offers running Gudi Padwa 2023?

To lure buyers various offers will start running soon like the lowest down payment scheme, Discount spot booking, freebies, etc. Most people prefer to grab the spot booking offer because it’s for a limited period providing extended savings. Booking at Gudi Padwa fest never be a loss deal.

  1. Attractive discounting offers – No stamp duty and service charge
  2. Flexible payment schemes
  3. No pre-EMI schemes
  4. Builder subvention scheme
  5. Gifts and freebies like gold coins, club membership
  6. Ready to move in properties with a fully or semi-furnished offer
  7. Reduced floor rise
  8. The lower interest rate on home finance

Overall, Gudi Padwa is considered a crucial festival for real estate investment in Maharashtra because it is believed to bring good luck, it coincides with the beginning of the financial year, and developers offer attractive deals and discounts during this time.

Overall buying property during Gudi Padwa has many advantages it all depend on the cities and types of builder and their schemes. But you need to explore the real estate market to get the perfect Gudi Padwa real estate booking deal. Anyhow need help to know about the great offer near your surroundings feel free to call  +91 9004179089 

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